Paint Stripping on an Industrial Scale: Methods and Chemicals Used

Paint Stripping on an Industrial Scale

There are a number of chemicals used to strip paint and on an industrial scale. Aside from being extremely effective at removing paint without damaging surfaces, the best industrial paint strippers on the market should be eco-friendly, i.e. biodegradable and non-toxic. Whether you are restoring period furniture or simply stripping a cast-iron fireplace, industrial paint stripping is an easy process and thanks to the latest laser technology, rust and undesired paintwork can be eliminated without fuss.

Caustic Soda (sodium hydroxide) is a commonly used paint stripper as its alkaline yet highly corrosive. Heating caustic soda makes it safer for woodwork for example as the wood resides in the solution for a much shorter period. Other industrial paint-stripping chemicals which are organic compounds and miscible with water include but are by no means limited to:

• Dichloromethane (DCM, or methylene chloride)
• Propylene glycol monomethyl
• Dimethoxymethane (also called methylal)
• Phenol (popular in the aviation industry

When it comes to industrial paint stripping as a tried and tested method, the pros ‘outstrip’ the cons.

The Benefits of an Industrial Paint Stripper

• Biodegradable and eco-friendly paint removal better for environment and user
• Easier to strip paint from tight or delicate spots than a chemical paint stripper
• Fast, easy and cost-effective process
• Lack of chemicals and other treatments
• No residue, dust or water for non-messy clear up
• Wide range of methods from backpack or handheld or robotic
• Wide range of uses from vehicles to cast-iron fireplaces

As discussed in our previous post A Look at Laser Paint Stripping, this method is another viable alternative to paint stripping on an industrial scale when it comes to safety, eco-friendliness and efficiency. Laser paint strippers are only available business-to-business currently, however, if you are a company considering purchasing one, you could do much worse than a high-powered laser stripping system such as the CL100 designed by German manufacturer cleanLASER, a company which produces laser paint-stripping technology such as backpacks and handheld devices right through to high-powered heavy-duty machines. Premium Door Stripping believe lasers to be the future of industrial paint stripping, after all, what’s not to love?

The aviation industry has been at the forefront of laser stripping technology for over 40 years with laser paint and rust stripping widely used. When you consider the requirement of aircraft needing to be stripped as frequently as every five years in some cases, this makes perfect sense especially given that laser paint removal has a dual-use in stripping paintwork and removing rust. Because of this, the automotive industry is another good example of a prolific laser paint-stripping adopter particularly in the case of many vehicle repair shops who are stripping paintwork and removing rust on a regular basis.

Premium Door Stripping is a reliable market supplier and leading provider of paint removal and paint stripping services in the UK. Our expertise in the paint stripping business means that we specialise in removing paints from doors, fireplaces, cupboards, radiators and benches or wooden window shutters. Paint stripping on an industrial scale that’s chemical-free? It’s all in the method.

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