The Oldest Furniture Stripper in Town

After 70 years, furniture stripper Carl Harden calls it a day

Furniture stripper image by Firma V
After 70 years of paint and primer fumes, furniture stripper Carl Harden has hung up his apron and placed the lids on his tins for the last time. Image by Firma V (via Shutterstock).

Back in 1946, the world was recovering from the spoils of the Second World War. The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll was still at school; in two years time, he would move to Memphis, Tennessee (the rest as they say…). In the same year, Carmel ‘Carl’ Harden cut his teeth in furniture restoration. From 1946 to the end of this year, he spent most of his professional life as a furniture stripper.

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Dichloromethane and the Ozone Layer

How dichloromethane is stymieing efforts to restore the ozone layer

Dichloromethane and the Ozone Layer image by PunyaFamily (via Shutterstock).
The Earth’s ozone layer: though CFCs have been banned, DCMs (dichloromethanes) are stymieing its recovery. Image by PunyaFamily (via Shutterstock).

Back in 1985, we first knew about the hole in our ozone layer which protects us from the sun’s UV rays. With a hole in the ozone layer, this enables the sun’s ultra violet light to penetrate our atmosphere. CFCs were blamed for the ozone layer’s hole so, come the late 1980s, they were banned from spray-on deodorants and refrigerators. This year, a recent study by Lancaster University, it was found that dichloromethane was having a similar effect to the ozone layer’s hole.

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In Video: Bed Frame Restoration Clips

A collection of bed frame restoration clips

Bed Frame Restoration image by Benoit Daoust (via Shutterstock).
Whether from the end of the 16th century or the last ten years, we at Premium Doors and Furniture will lovingly restore your wooden bed frame. Image by Benoit Daoust (via Shutterstock).

We at Premium Doors and Furniture among our furniture stripping projects cover bedrooms. Not only bedroom furniture, but also antique bed frames. Reflecting this, we have before your very eyes, a collection of bed frame restoration clips.

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The Joy of Stripped Furniture

How stripped furniture – upcycled or restored to its former glory – is a more environmentally friendly alternative to buying new furniture

Chippendale Settee Loveseat (Stripped furniture blog post image by James Marvin Phelps)
As good as new: stripped furniture can add class to your home, whether a bookcase or a Chippendale sofa. Image by Martin James Phelps (via Shutterstock).

Usually, new furniture doesn’t last as long as antique furniture. You could buy an antique wardrobe that is likely to outlast three new self-assembly ones. We may choose to get our antique furniture restored to ‘as new’ condition, which enhances your home and makes for a good talking point. Stripped furniture, back to its original colours and wood grains has permanent class.

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How Lasers Strip Paint from Aircraft

How lasers are used in the paint stripping of aircraft

Even Douglas DC3s can benefit from lasers, whilst having a change of coat. Image by Straight 8 Photography (via Shutterstock).
Whether the iconic Douglas DC3 or the massive Airbus A380, lasers form a part in the paint stripping of aircraft. Image by Straight 8 Photography (via Shutterstock).

The paint stripping of aircraft needs to take place every five to eight years. That way, your aeroplane will be given a fresh coat of paint and is properly maintained. Since the first Ford Trimotors left Croydon and Biggin Hill airports, chemicals were used to strip the paint off. Today, there is now a more environmentally friendly method using lasers.

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What is Soda Blasting?

How soda blasting is used in furniture stripping

Soda blasting image by Soodapuhallus.
Soda blasting image by Soodapuhallus (Public Domain).

Soda blasting has gained popularity as a non-toxic stripping material. It is used on masonry, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, and carbon fibre. In many cases, it is a viable alternative to chemical based paint strippers. On a large scale, it was famously used to clean the Statue of Liberty inside and outside in 1986.

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Paint Stripper Chemicals Found in E-cigs

The risks of Benzene, associated with paint stripper and similar chemicals are used in e-cigs

E-Cig and paint stripper chemicals images by Grigory Ignatev and Kamol Jindamanee (via Shutterstock).
Like the bog-standard cigarettes which e-cigs are supposed to be an alternative to, it turns out that e-liquids contain benzene – like paint stripper. Images by Grigory Ignatev and Kamol Jindamanee (via Shutterstock).

There are some schools of thought where smoking e-cigs are seen to be safer than tobacco. For a start, Public Health England says vaping is 95% safer than conventional cigarettes, pipe tobacco and cigars. Increasingly, e-cig shops have filled in the gaps in our High Streets. One thing they don’t want to tell you about are the chemicals. These include benzene, which has been used in paint stripper.

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